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Leap Ahead with Verified,
AI-POWERED Lead Submissions

Contact merchants who have applied for a merchant cash advance loan. No need to cold call, let our AI-Powered sales funnels gather all of the clients data including the last 3 months of statements! Cross sell the same lead with an offer such as Credit Repair.

Lead Creation Process...

Step 1: AI creates an Irresistible pitch

Our lead engineers work with our customized powered AI to create an irresistible pitch that is sent to business owners. In return the merchants apply and are ready to receive a call for your product or service. 

ai bot (1).png

Step 2: Target and Personalize Offers with AI-Automation

Our AI software tracks the merchant until they convert into a lead for your product or service. Once the prospect turns into a lead we sell the data on our marketplace. 

Step 3: From Chatbot to Client CRM

Fill up your CRM with AI-powered qualified leads to help your sales team close more accurate data. 

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Quick Delivery & Impressive Results

Leads are delivered as a CSV file, providing you with a seamless way to download or upload your leads to any CRM. 

Advanced Traffic
Sales Pitch

Drive traffic back to your site by utilizing drip mail and text drip campaigns. 

1000+ Leads Daily

WeDu leads can handle thousands of lead request daily. We keep your CRM's loaded with data.

Tracking Data

Identify patterns and trends in customer behavior across different locations to optimize your ads.


Close more sales daily by reaching out to qualified customers. Buy your leads from WeDu.


Track your sales based on location and make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

Discover More with WeDu Leads

With WeDu, your team will have the right amount of data to call and pitch your product or service.

Image by Hidayat Abisena

What is a Gorilla Lead?

Simply put, it's a lead you can close! Our Gorilla leads come packed with all the essential data you need to make informed decisions and drive your business forward. Each lead includes vital information such as the applicant's social security number, tax ID, date of birth, and three months of their business bank statements. We understand the significance of this data in making crucial evaluations and ensuring a seamless onboarding process. Watch the video below to see a sample of our work. 

lead video

See Results From Our Customers

"Just what I was looking for.

I was struggling to find quality leads for my business until I discovered your site. The accuracy was amazing and I have never had that type of success with other lead generation sites. All the best."

"Guys, your leads are Amazing!

I was honestly getting ready to quit my business due to all of the cold calling with no results. I made the small investment and decided to test out your leads and it really has made the difference. My contact ratios blew up and I can't thank you enough."

"These leads are worth much more than I pay. This is great!

Leads were spot on and exactly how they were advertised. The value that I received vs the cost was outstanding. I recommend this service to anyone organization that has a sales team and needs more customers asap!"

Frequently Asked Questions

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